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Domain www. sraman .com

Domain www. sraman .com

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ℹ️ What's Included

  • Domain Name  
  • Complimentary Logo design 

Our Buyer Protection Guarantee ensures that all domain purchases are fully backed. Following your purchase, we typically kick off the domain transfer within one business day. If the transfer is not finalized, we will happily offer a full refund.

🪜 Flexible payment plans

 Secure your domain with our flexible & affordable payment plans.  

1. 0% APR.
2. Cancel any time without any penalties. 
3. Divide the cost & choose a plan that suits your budget.  
      • 4 months
      • 6 months 
      • 9 months
      • 12 months 

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🏫 Check brand allignment


Check Brand Alignment
Your brand deserves the perfect foundation. 

With's Trademark Research service, receive a detailed report on any name you're considering, with potential conflicts outlined in your industry and target country. Stay informed and protect your brand with our comprehensive analysis.






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    - Let us handle the tech, so that you focus on your vision.
    - Beyond templates, beyond limits. We can help you build a website that's one of a kind.

      🫴 Make an offer on a domain

      See what you like and make an offer on your preferred Premium domain. We are here to help and finalize the price.

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      💳 Various payment methods


      1. Credit/debit card 
      2. Paypal
      3. UK Bank transfer / Faster Payments 
      4. International Bank wire/transfer 
      5. Bitcoin (BTC)
      6. Ethereum (ETH) 
      7. USDT
      8. USDC 
      • Instant access
      • Dedicated Domain Manager
      • 14-Day money back guarantee
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      Frequently Asked Question's

      Why are premium domains valuable?

      Premium domain names are the digital real estate of the modern era. Just as physical location is crucial for brick-and-mortar businesses, having a premium domain name is essential for success in the online realm.

      What are the advantages of premium domains?

      These domain names enhance brand recognition and credibility. When users come across a website with a premium domain name, they are more likely to trust the platform and perceive it as a reputable source.

      Do premium domains come with Trademark or Business Registration?

      • Premium domains do not come with Trademark or Business Registration.
      • This is because the domains can be used in different industries or different countries.
      • Trademark or Business registration are specific to a country & industry the business operates in.
      • Before purchasing a domain, we recommend that you do the necessary research to ensure there are no Trademark conflicts within your own industry (and country) for that specific Domain.


      How can I obtain the domain post-purchase?

      Once you purchase the domain, we will push it into a Cloudflare or Godaddy account for you. We will then send you an email. In most cases access to the domain will be available within one to two hours of purchase, however access to domains purchased after business hours will be available within the next business day.

      What is included with the domain name?

      Complimentary logo & free Whois privacy protection is included.

      Are other domain extensions included with the purchase?

      No. Your purchase is strictly for the domain purchased indicated on your invoice from OTCdomain. If you are looking for the other gTLDs of the domain name, you will need to buy those domains separately.

      Can i access the domain right away?

      Yes it can be accessed right away. Once the domain appears into the buyers Cloudflare or Godaddy account, the buyer can change DNS settings and link it to their website.

      How am i protected?

      • We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you change your mind you can get a refund for your purchase subject to terms and conditions in the refund policy.
      • The refunds are subject to a 5% cancellation fee to cover the cost of our payment gateway as well as transaction processing. 

      Can i transfer my domain?

      Yes you can transfer your domain from Cloudflare or Godaddy account depending on your payment method listed below

      • Paypal/Credit card/Bank wire : after 180 days of purchase to any registrar or hosting company. 
      • Cryptocurrencies: Within 2 Hours

      Please remember that our 14 day money back guarantee is void once the domain is transferred out of Godaddy or Cloudflare account.

      *Domains purchased on a payment plan cannot be transferred until all payments are complete

      *Domains purchased via rental agreement are not eligible for transfers

      Do you offer discounts for referrals?

      Absolutely. If you refer a client to us then we can reduce your price by 10%.

      Do you offer discounts for multiple premium domains?

      Yes, we offer a 10% discount when you buy multiple premium domains.

      Can i make an offer on a domain i like?

      Yes you can make an offer via:

      • "Make an offer on a domain" widget located above the premium domain product description.
      • Filling this form >>>
      • or by sending us an email at

      If your offer is accepted, we will email you back with further instructions to complete the purchase. 

      Can i list my domains on

      Yes you can list your domain for sale on OTCdomain.

      1. Create a Seller Account
      2. List & Sell your Domain

      What payment methods do you accept?

      We accept

      1. Credit/debit card 💳
      2. Paypal
      3. UK Bank transfer / Faster Payments 💷
      4. International Bank wire/transfer 🏦
      5. Bitcoin
      6. Ethereum 
      7. USDT 
      8. USDC

      Why is ID verification required?

      In certain cases we require valid photo ID & selfie, if you are paying us using Credit card / Paypal / Bank wire.

      This process helps us provide a safe and secure platform for our customers to transact with us and ensure all transactions are genuine.

      Consult with an OTCdomain expert to learn more and get your questions answered.